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Community Speaks

Today I planted onion sets because the Moon is waning and the weather was fine. I’ve been quiet this last day or so as the effects of our political and economic peril roost outside in the limbs of the old maple.

In addition to a stock market in free-fall (like the rest of the culture), we are facing an

aggressive and successful virus which even an adequate healthcare system, a competent government and caring leadership would be hard-pressed to handle. We have none of those things and so must rely on our own humanity, our cunning, our sense of how things really work.

For longer than I care to remember, I have been writing about, teaching about and talking about the idea of “Tower Time,” something you can acquaint yourself with in the Document file that is listed on my website. At first, Cassandra-like, my co-religionists were dubious about the idea and developed different theories, adopting different names for this era that I know through intuition and meditation, through waking visions and nightmares.

In 2018, Smith Bridge Press published “Earth Works: Ceremonies in Tower Time”—in which I explored what we could do if we prepared and relocalized everything possible. The back half of the book is filled with templates for ceremonies and rituals.

My classes went from an introduction to the idea to a class called “Tower Time: Now What?” and then “Under the Tower: the Ethos of Community.” Groups have come up with brilliant ideas for relocalizing, for feeding people, for thriving in resilient communities.

For several years now—since Katrina—I have been reminding us that in a natural (or otherwise) disaster, the people on the ground—the victims—are also the first responders, so it is well to consider how we prepare, how we think about a world without the sign posts we’ve come to rely on.

Repeatedly, ad nauseum, I and others have invited our communities to engage the energy, to still your fears, to find strength and solace in your spiritual life, in the soil of our dear Earth and in regular communion with your Divines (if you are a deist) and your Ancestors. You have been told to ground yourselves, to raise your energetic shields and to try not to be afraid because these are the times we were made for. Over and over again.

So here we are. You may still have quibbles about how I have named this time, you may still think it’s slightly silly to talk about a tarot card encompassing this phase in human history. You may be one of the people who posit that every generation thinks it’s the end of the world.

These times will either be the making of us as a species and particularly as Americans living in this experimental democratic republic the Founders cobbled together for us—or we will be altogether broken. We see it every day now on social media, on city streets, at the grocery store. If you have been doing your work, you are probably not panicking but are being careful and observant. You will now perfect your techniques, especially around boundaries and self-compassion. If you have buried your head in the sand and avoided thinking about anything “negative” that might wreak havoc with your “high vibe,” I wish you luck.

And if you are somewhere betwixt those things and are floundering because you have school or other debt, or ill health while living in a crappy healthcare system, or a broken heart for any of the grieves of your personal or tribal world, then you must drop what you reasonably can and focus like a laser on what you, your family and your community may need in this Tower Time. Stay in communication with those people who understand what’s happening and are both visionary and rational. Don’t panic. Take no shit. Grieve globally and work locally.

The Towers of patriarchy are falling and we must be creating this new world now so that we don’t fall back into the deadly efficiency of hierarchy and lose this vital moment. Because you don’t counter a culture of death by wreaking more havoc. You counter it by remembering that we thrive best in cultures that honor the power of the life force and the richness of human existence and experience. These are the times we were made for.

Which I (and others) have been saying for rather a long time.

Can you hear me now?

About the Author:

Byron Ballard is a Dilettante mediaevalist. Hunter-gatherer, Cove doctor and yarb woman, a published author of multiple books, as well as respected Elder in the Asheville, NC community.

Find her at http://www.myvillagewitch.com/

and on Facebook.com/byron.ballard.37

Many folks have asked me what I am doing to be ready for the Coronavirus and how am I dealing with this threat. My answer is both simple and complicated because with viruses I believe in a 3-S way of dealing with this virus, "Shield, Sword, and Stand."

Shield: My shield is made up of of washing my hands and immunity boosting herbs, like elderberries, astragalus, codonopsis, lemon balm, vitamin C and D, and raw honey. My shield is fresh chemical free foods, sunshine, fresh air, laughter, gratitude, and my prayer filled energy field.

Sword: My sword is herbs like ginger, thyme, oregano, fresh garlic, Reishi mushrooms, elderflowers, chamomile, colloidal silver, yarrow, Cordyceps, and mullein to help alleviate the symptoms for when and if it strikes in my community or family. My sword is also my willingness to say no to anything that I choose not to be healthy. My sword is orgasms because orgasms boost your immune system, relieves stress, and it releases certain organic compounds within our bodies that are greatly beneficial for us in times like this. If y’all don’t have a clean safe partner it can be a DYI project.

Stand: My stand is my refusal to be afraid, but to be aware and cautious. My stand is the same as my ancestors when they faced invisible and seemingly indestructible monsters, to protect my loved ones as well as myself to the best of my abilities. My stand is to love this life and those who are in my life like tomorrow is not promised. My stand is fear will not dim my gratitude for this life experience, because I can not decide how and when my life will be over but I can decide how I embrace each day and every challenge.

This coronavirus is ancient yet new and it is not the only crisis our world is facing, but within every crisis we are given a dangerous opportunity to change and or recalibrate our lives. Let’s choose to face this monster with sacred love, understanding, compassion, wisdom, and remembering we are all in this together. So much love and so many prayers for health and blessings are being sent from my hearth to yours in these strange and stress filled times. Breathe beautiful souls for this too shall pass and together we can heal our world and our bodies and souls.🌱💕🦋

About the Author:

Debra is a Homesteader, a natural farmer, a family and community herbalist, mother of three, grandmother of nine, and a great grandmother to one. Now she teaches gardening, preserving the harvest, seed saving, along with her Women's Empowerment group and her individual coaching sessions 0n Healing ourselves and our generational trauma, Rewilding, Renewing, and Reclaiming our ancestral wisdoms to help us raise a healthier more loving future, and Wyldwood Wysdoms. Connect with her on Facebook at Wyldwood Herb and Farmacy, Wyldwood Wysdom FB group, The Apothecary at Wyldwood. Email: wyldwoodherbandfarmacy@gmail.com

Updated: Mar 5

We have immense Gratitude in Visioning toward the potential and infinite possibilities that we seek to co-create in Green Song 2020.

As we head into the Birth of Spring on our Planet and in our heart awareness...Greensong arrives in August as an amazing culmination of many conversations, night fires, dancing to Drums in communities from Maine to Miami! Blessed and highly favored we are, to meet those Called/Cauled into deeper Kinship with Nature, Culture and Spirit. We are pleased and proud to report that the Earth Tribes are well and Growing...in all ways, on many levels.

It IS exactly the "Enchanted Encampment" we held space for in 4 Tribes 4 Peace in 2016...

It was September before the fall of the Tower in America and now we are truly at the Intersection of Divinity and Destiny, shining our way forward into the New earth and Age of Aquarius...truly!

Good Music, Food, Kindred, Ceremony, rituals and pivotal conversations prepare us individually and collectively to Navigate our safe passage from August to the end of this year and beyond. In some corners of tribe and culture, the deep knowledge is OYA, fierce warrior Goddess of Winds of Change, Storms, Twisters...Cyclones, Revolutions, Mother of the Ancestral Realms, Guardian of the Cemetery IS "Kicking A-- and taking names"!

Who Are We? and what are we doing in any hope of Democracy? Are we Healing ? Do we know how?

What are our Sacred tools? What's growing in the garden of our Souls? Present Life and Ancestral!

Our Greatest Hope is that Lighthouses come to share in and Exchange in the Adventures and Explorations of Nature's Superpowers!!! In Seasons Such This we are required to develop and nurture the Art of Exquisite Listening...

Do the inner-tracking through all seven bodies and sacred directions to find your core values and the center of your Truth.

Banish dark deceptions, Embrace the Light of Love, Peace and Beauty.

Examine your personal medicine bag, parfletch, traveling bag. How prepared are you to unify or Lead others away from fear...and into Peace?

The true sanctuary of Green Song for us is Co creating and supporting a loving Lighthouse container for deep soul work and repair.

Transformation and Restoration. We are honored to be a carrier of and midwife to bring good medicine to the People. We will be at the West gate of 2020 before you know it.

In Kindred LOVE we remain, Grandmother Sangoma Oludoye, a conscious agent of change

About the Author:

Sangoma Oludoye is a member, instructor, now Elder of the Earthskills community since 1990, a student, priest, cultural custodian, now Chief and Elder of Oyotunji African Village since 1969. For more info on how to become a conscious agent of change visit https://www.kindredofsangoma.org/

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